Friday, 28 July 2023 10:41

Second stage selection

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Dear Applicants,

Westminster International University in Tashkent is pleased to announce the continuation of its scholarship selection for CIFS course for 30 (thirty) WIUT scholarships and 60 (sixty) State scholarships. The final selection of students to receive a scholarship will be based on the second phase of WIUT Scholarship Math Exam on Friday, 4th August 2023.

Based on the final marks of the WIUT Computer-based Math exams (only first attempt is considered) and IELTS score, we have now identified the top 315 applicants (since the last 20 applicants have equal scores) eligible to attend the Scholarship Examination.

Congratulations to our top applicants for reaching this stage of the scholarship process. The final round of assessment is a Mathematics paper-based examination that is scheduled for the 4th of August 2023 at 10:00 at WIUT.

Applicants eligible for the paper-based exam will receive detailed instructions through the system. Applicants invited for the paper-based exam, should carefully read the EXAM RULES (will be sent through admission system).

The formula for calculating the total mark is:

Grand total = (IELTS*100/9) *0.6+Math*0.4


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