Information and customer services at WIUTStudent Information and Support Section (Ask.WIUT) is a first-line advice point, which directs students to particular departments regarding their issues. Ask.WIUT provides following services to WIUT students:

  • Provides first line advice to all enquiries from WIUT students and handles all inquiries both face-to face, via e-mail, WIUT Student’s bot and by phone;
  • Engages in the processing of the student document queries (confirmation of study and others), Military forms, collects the ready paperwork from the agencies concerned as ready (on a daily basis) and hands over to students;
  • Provides reports on the internal student facing customer services to take further actions in order to improve student service activities;
  • Provides legal service to students, handling contract-based (paper) work, monitoring “life cycle” of contracts.
  • Distributes contracts to new and current students (online and offline) and works with external legal enquiries during the admission periods.

The location: ATB building, Ask.WIUT room.

Contact details: (71) 238-74-65

Enquiry WIUT

The Customer Relations Section (the Inquiry Office) is responsible for ensuring a customer focused and facing process, timely and appropriate response as well as capturing information on all enquiries. The Section handles a large volume of enquiries both in person, phone, e-mail and via WebChat. The main types of provided services include:

  • Responsible for the University’s customer facing enquiry service regarding to its courses, programs and activities;
  • Accountable for provision of detailed information regarding the University as a whole, applications, registration processes, internal academic regulations, personal information requests (if found appropriate) and etc.;
  • Provides online timely consultation, advice, directions through the webchat in working hours, and answers to the offline messages, sent from offline chat;
  • Engages in Document Collection and ID provision procedures after admission periods;

Parental Engagement activities:

  • Accountable for informing parents with the latest news occurring in the University manually and through Telegram Channel "WIUT Parents Informed".
  • Responsible for organizing parental oriented events, tours and information sessions in order to engage parents with the University and its premises.

The Inquiry Office operates from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

The location: Amir Temur str., the Students’ entrance (opposite to Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies).

Contact details: (71) 238-74-00 ext. 601 or 602.
Visit Telegram channel.

The Call Center is the part of Information and Customer Service department and aimed to provide first-line assistance to students, parents, applicants and other stakeholders of WIUT on any incoming inquiry. The Call Center provides further service:

  • Responsible for managing incoming calls in a timely manner;
  • Identifies customers’ needs and depending on this clarify information or consult;
  • Manages and guides through different calls or issues, researches certain issues and provides solutions;
  • Keeps records of all conversations in WIUT Call Centre database in a comprehensive way;
  • Makes outbound calls to customers when needed;
  • Connects visitors to certain departments regarding their issues;
  • Reports the University and offers solutions regarding certain issues to further actions to be taken in order to improve customer service.

Contact details: (71) 203-74-74, (71) 238-74-00, (71) 238-74-44

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